Compound Type Table Lathe with Milling Machine



Compound Type Table Lathe with Milling Machine

1. For Cutting:

  * Nominal Size: 

   a) Swing Over Bed: 180mm (7")

    b) Swing Over Cross Slide: 100mm (4")

    c) Distance Between Center: 350mm (13-3/4")

  * Bed: 

   a) Width of the Bed Face: 83mm (3-2/8")

   b) Total Length of the Bed: 670mm (26")

  * Spindle: 

   a) Spindle Bore: 20mm (13/16")

    b) 3-Jaw Chuck Spindle Bore: 16mm

    c) Number of Spindle Speeds: Variable Speed

    d) Range of Spindle Speeds:

        R.P.M. from 300 to 2900 R.P.M.

  * Thread: 

   a) Lead Screw: 

       16mm (5/8") Dia. X 16 T.P.I. or 1.5mm Pitch

    b) Inch Threads: 12~52 T.P.I .

    c) Metric Threads: 0.25~1.5mm Pitch

  * Tool Slide: 

    a) Cross Slide Travel: 75mm (3")

     b) Compound Rest Travel: 50mm (2")

     c) Max. Size Cutting Tool: 

        16mm x 16mm (5/8")

   * Tail Stock:

     a) Spindle Travel: 50mm (2")

     b) Taper of Center: M.T.No.2

2. For Milling:

   * Vertical (Z) Axis: 10" (250mm)

   * Max. Output: 500W

   * Spindle Speed: 300~2900 R.P.M.

   * Spindle Taper: MT3

   * Spindle Nose to Table: 12" (300mm)

   * Drilling Capacity: 1/2" (13mm) Max.

   * End Milling Capacity: 1/2" (13mm) Max.

   * Face Milling Capacity: 1/2" (13mm) Max.

   * Motor: 500W

  * Packing: 

    1 set/13.3Cuft, N.W/G.W.: 55kgs/71kgs