Geared Head Milling & Boring Machine



* Drilling Capacity: Cast Iron: 40mm (1-9/16")

                               Steel: 32mm (1-1/4")

* Face Milling Capacity: 102mm (4")

* End Milling Capacity: 32mm (1-1/4")

* Spindle Taper: MT#3 or R-8 / NT#30 (Option)

* Spindle Nose to Table: 460mm

* Main Column Width: 250mm

* Quill Dia.: 75mm

* Quill Travel: 120mm

* Swing: 590mm

* Head Swivel: 90 R & L

* Main Motor: 1.12PS. 1-1/2HP

* Spindle Speed: 

 50HZ (H):100/220/380/760/1340/2500rpm (2P)

  50HZ (L): 50/110/190/380/670/1250rpm (4P)

  60HZ (H):120/240/400/900/1700/3000rpm (2P)

  60HZ (L): 60/120/200/450/850/1500rpm (4P)

* Table Surface: 820 x 240mm

* Cross Travel of Table: 350mm

* Longitudinal Travel of Table: 450mm

* Overall Height: 1790mm

* T-Slot Size: 16mm

* Optional Accessories:

   a) Table Power Feed & Transformer

   b) 52pcs Clamping Kits

   c) Collet Chuck (5pcs)

   d) Cutter Arbor & Cutter (76mm)

   e) NT#30 Spindle

   f) Tapping Function

   g) Coolant System

   h) CE Standard

   I) CE Standard Table Power Feed & Transformer

* Packing: 1 set/69Cuft, 

  N.W./G.W.: 650kgs/690kgs